Thursday, February 7, 2013

Getting there

I emailed out my dissertation copies to all my committee members last night. Today I handed out hard copies (thank goodness not everyone wanted one! It was $70 just for three copies at the Kinkos near me!). Now I just need to start on all of the million other projects and TA work and homework for the one class I'm taking (oh and putting together my job talk for my faculty interview next month). Honestly, it's all been a blur. I'm not even reading my blog feed properly anymore (sorry guys, I'm sure I'll get back into it soon). Knowing what other people are doing just feels like a distraction. Well that's not totally true. I've really been enjoying the giant blocks of texts that are the anonymous blogs written by professors to lament their miserable state of existence. I always used to wonder why academics always have like the ugliest Wordpress default blog layout possible. I now realize it's to keep out all the people who actually want to hear interesting things and look at cute pictures. I'm sure all of this school business is incredibly dry to most people.

I like to mix it up with fashion posts but I've been so busy I haven't been doing my usual online pretend shopping. I can't even look at my Pinterest right now because it is absolutely overwhelming. Everything is just sensory overload. And everything will continue to be an overload at least until the middle of march.

But on the bright side maybe I will post more (albeit likely boring academic stuff) now that I have my iPad and the blogger app all set up. I've also gotten really into using the to do app Astrid on both my phone and iPad. I keep wanting my fiancé to get it too so I can send him to do lists but he refuses. Can you imagine?