Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Things I liked in 2012

Because I'm so awesome and not accident prone at all, I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my neck again (for probably the 9th time in 2012) two days ago. Today I have barely any ability to turn my neck and also bonus pain down my left arm. I'd go see my acupuncturist, but you know, it's a holiday today. So I ordered some kind of new pillow online at 0:12am last night and also a cheap cervical neck brace because this hurts crazy bad and if 2012 was indication of things, this is going to happen in 2013 as well. Right now I'm just wrapped up in scarves and somehow feel like Tiny Tim (did he even have scarves or am I just imagining that?). Also, icing. That's supposed to be good for neck issues says Dr. Internet.

So since I can't really do much (working out is on hold until I can move my neck, and going outside to school tomorrow is already going to be a painful drag without going out today) I present to you:

Things I liked in 2012

Via Brooklyn Vegan

Seeing Dead Can Dance live for the first time. They rarely tour, and they had recently gotten back together so this was really special. I can't even begin to say how amazing this was. Lisa Gerrard is magical, and she actually didn't speak a single word during the whole performance at the Wolf Trap. Also, their new 2012 album is definitely worth checking out as well. Also also, they still have some European tour dates if you're interested.

Red Flower Essential Omega Fresh Berry Oil Serum. Is this name totally out of control? Yes, but it's also the first moisturizer I've been happy with in a while. I've gone back and forth between creams and oils a few times, but this is the first product in years that I actually plan to buy again when it runs out. It doesn't have any bad chemicals in it and it's not tested on animals. It also smells great, evens out my skin, and while it hasn't prevented my inherent pimplyness from manifesting, it has cleared up dry spots and prevented me from looking incredibly greasy by about 2pm when I need to leave the house. You can pick it up at Saffron Rouge for $48. It lasts forever though!

Face Stockholm Pressed Mineral Powder. I picked this up in Sweden when I really needed some foundation, but you can get it online and in NY in the US. It's one of those products that may or may not be vegan (and their customer service is useless at telling you which colors have what ingredients). The stearic acid may or may not be from a plant source, and certain shades have carmine. The company doesn't test on animals though (which is more than I can say about pretty much any of the other major cosmetics retailers at this point). Anyway, this is sufficient for me to feel comfortable using it and it's the best foundation I've used. Great coverage, prevents shine, and none of the mess from loose mineral powder. $27 at Face Stockholm. 

Hail Merry Macaroons. This may have been around for a while, but I tried them last year and the are SO good. I would eat these forever and then I would have a heart attack from the coconut oil, but at least I would go down happy. If you haven't tried these you really should (but don't eat more than two a day!). Check your natural foods grocery store, whole foods, or Amazon. 

Other things: The American Apparel Slim Slack (I wore my pair of these all the time this year), Spotify (totally changed my music habits), Catbird (spend a million hours lusting after shiny things), Taylor Swift (no comment), the new Fiona Apple album, and Rose Tulsi tea (so good).

Things I didn't like (among many others): The cancellation of Ringer and Park Ave 666, the fact that every indie band is now ironic and sounds jangly and fuzzy, and MAC and UD no longer really being able to say they don't test on animals.


  1. Oooh, I love the slim slacks! I am also curious about using an oil as a moisturizer- I've always used creams, but I think I could benefit from a more effective moisturizer.
    I'm sad about MAC and UD as well - the majority of my everyday makeup comes from those brands.

    1. You should try some face oil! I was so worried it would make me break out more, but somehow it doesn't work that way!


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