Saturday, January 5, 2013

Style Inspiration: B&W

I'm constantly pinning outfits I like, but I've traditionally been lazy when it comes to actually recreating those looks. Honestly, my whole style is pretty lazy lately. Ballet flats, straight leg colored denim or cords from AA, and either a draped top or a button down and a sweater. All the time. Every day. Part of it's because I mainly write from home, and part of it is that my campus is both conservative and casual at once. No dressing up and no dressing loud. 

But I'd like to break out of that at some point and gradually start building up a more diverse wardrobe. Two top things I want right now? More white blouses and some palazzo pants. I'm also daydreaming uncontrollably about chopping off all my hair again. But last time I had short hair I would just trim it myself, which is fine when you're a student. Not as fine when you're gainfully employed given that the results aren't always quite what I had in mind (or erm, what anyone who doesn't have Crass patches on their jacket would have in mind)! So as soon as I have a job and a steady source of income sufficient for monthly haircuts, it's all coming off again. I'm sure there will be handwringing and gnashing of teeth from my grandmother, but really, not my concern. 

Can we also talk about clutches? I love the idea of clutches, but I've never used any of the ones I have. Where are you going that all you need is your wallet and your keys (and there's nothing preventing you from putting down your bag for forgetting it somewhere)? Maybe I'm just missing something here.


  1. LOVE this outfit! I've been looking for some nice, but cheap palazzo pants, but I've had no luck so far.

    I need some ankle strap flats. I purchased the cutest black ones online, and they sent me some in grey instead. And by the time I sent them an email about it, the black ones were sold out. :(

    1. I know it's so tricky to find ones that don't look like pajamas or some kind of 70s flashback! I think it's all the fabric and the cut.

      That's too bad about the shoes! Hopefully there will be a lot more selection come spring time!

  2. I love the palazzo pants!
    When I got my second or third job I had to build a professional closet from the ground up and it was so hard! I got a pretty good professional closet, mostly black slacks, and blue blouses which I loved... and then I took a job where I wear jeans!
    I can't wait for it to get warmer so that I can break out the flats- love the style that you picked out. :)

    1. I had a pretty good wardrobe four years ago (I kept working retail for the first year after I started my office job and made maximum use of my discount!). But somehow everything is too small or too raggedy at this point! I'm kind of excited to get to rebuild my work wardrobe though. Right out of college I had a pretty boring idea of work wear.


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