Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Setting dates in stone

It's the final countdown...dooo dooo dooo do do do do.. and so on and so forth.

yeah, since I'm not putting pictures of my face all of the blog I've resorted to classic internet images

I have a final defense date for my dissertation! By the middle of March (if everything goes according to plan) I will be pretty much done (minus hours and hours of paperwork and formatting).

This is, needless to say, somewhat terrifying. I'm trying to not even worry about what comes after the defense at this point. I have two interviews lined up the moment, and I can always apply for more things if needed. My primary concern right now is just getting everything done in time! Everything has to be handed in a month prior to the defense, so I've got like a month and a week to get everything done. That sounds absolutely crazy to me. 

I'm actually in pretty good shape, but it's still daunting! It's hard to not let that petrifying stress where you stare at the wall and don't do anything set in. At the moment I need to finish up the first two chapters and the discussion section, and then make some edits to the third manuscript. From there I need to reply to any additional edits I get (and trust me, there will be edits). 

Also, all I really want to do is take a nap and read books. But there's no time for that! I feel like there should be Alice in Wondeland style rabbits with pocket watches telling me to get my shit together. No time for dawdling! Work, work, work!

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