Sunday, December 16, 2012

Gifts for Vegans 2012

Vegan wishlist

1. Vegan nooch jar (if you don't know what this, don't worry, your vegan friends will know), Vegan Dish $42
2. Choc & Nut spread (i.e. not Nutella), Pangea $8.29
3. Vegan Eats World cookbook, Amazon $22
4. Vegan Cuts monthly box of awesomeness, Vegan Cuts $19/month
5. Cornelia Guest hobo, Bloomingdales $295
6. Tarte matte Lipsurgence, Tarte $24
7. Velvet school boy blazer, J Crew $179
8. Sugarland bow clutch, Deuxlux $95
9. Custom cat ornament, Panda With Cookie $40
10. Vegan Lipbalm, Hurraw! $3.79 each

These are some of my favorite picks for 2012. Maybe something for that for the vegan friend on your holiday list? I can personally attest to the excellence of the Tarte lip pencil and the Hurraw! lip balm. I also got one of the custom cat ornaments from Panda with Cookie last year and it's a great likeness of my cat and it's super cute. Highly recommended!


  1. great ideas! I love the lip balm!


    1. The cherry flavored balm is so good and it gives a nice tint as well!

  2. I love those cat ornaments!!!!


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