Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Busy Busy

I got feedback from my first set of committee members (I usually send things out to half of them at a time) on my second manuscript earlier today. Nothing terrible and nothing I can't handle, but still enough needing to be rewritten that I feel vaguely like hyperventilating every time I look at the track changes. I put in a good eight hours of edits today already and totally rewrote the introduction/background. I need to make some decisions about the theoretical framework I want to use, which is unfortunate because if there is anything I don't much care for it's theory. Anyway, it will be OK even if I feel a little bit like crying at the moment.

I think I'm about to take a break for the evening, but I'll be busy busy until Monday when I meet with my advisor about how she thinks I should proceed. Dissertation writing = sadness.

So because all my mental bandwidth is being used for staving off angst and thinking about how to reframe things, I give you: ye olde random pictures from my phone! huzzah! Real posting to return sometime next week.

New shoes from Asos. Like a fool I wore these without socks the first time and now the back of my heels are so torn up that I can't wear half of my shoes. Sigh! Hopefully it will heal up soon. 

Zines at the local coffee shop/book store. 

Went to get acupuncture because I wrenched my neck reading again. It did help!

This is my acupuncture homework. More silliness, joy, and wild abandon. The sad part is I am legitimately unable to do this. 

I did, however, break out a mini bottle of port wine I've had on my shelf forever when I ran out of chocolate the other day. When short on chocolate, break out the booze. 


  1. mmmm port! Wise decision! Good luck on your dissertation (I cried the first day in grad school- and quit after the first quarter, so I think you are doing well :-) haha!)

    1. ahaha, I just keep crying the whole time. Not really, but sometimes it feels like it. I've been in grad school since 2007. Sheesh!

  2. I hope your feet feel better soon! The shoes are so cute *A*
    Good luck on Monday!

    1. Thank you!

      It's finally almost better! Hoping to be able to wear those shoes again (with thick socks!) soon!


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