Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Productive day (to offset all the days I do squat)

I worked all day. From 10am until 8pm. I think I got up maybe about four times. Next thing I knew the sun was setting and I hadn't been outside once. I did get dressed though, that's always a plus! 

I only had three things on my to do list today. 1) meditate (nope), 2) exercise (nope), 3) get my second manuscript out the door to my committee members (done!). It's somewhat tragic that getting things done for school also means that I abandon all of the other things in my life that make me healthy and happy. On the bright side, my cat really likes it when I'm at the table all day. She actually feel into such a deep sleep laying on my arm that she was twitching and having cat dreams! 

But I'm happy enough about getting that darn paper out the door. Or at least I will be until I get feedback, which I inevitably need to take a day just to process and remind myself not to take these things personally. Tomorrow I either take a mental health break or get started on cleaning up my coding for manuscript 3. So many moving pieces at once... 

Now to eat some Trader Joe's dosas and rewatch Battlestar Galactica. Is it just me or are Tuesdays the worst TV day? I refuse to watch New Girl!


  1. Oh my gosh this picture is adorable!!! Also, I love me some fracking battlestar.

    1. She's a cutie, but so distracting! She makes great company as long as she isn't laying right on top of your arms so you can't type!

      Battlestar is so good! I just wish Caprica had been better. I feel like they ended it right when it was starting to get good.

      Also, followed your blog!


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