Friday, November 30, 2012

November Wrap-up

I am really ready to say goodbye to November. I've had so many projects up in the air all month for school. December somehow feels better even though it also means that I have even less time to waste. I need to stay focused and get things done! The goal is to have my entire dissertation draft to my advisor by the middle of January and I have a lot left to do before that. Still, having the end in sight makes it feel somewhat better. Although I'd feel even better if I actually had some kind of concrete plans post-graduation...

Advent Candleholder.
Hoping for one along these lines.
I'm also pretty excited about Christmas. I love Christmas, and St. Lucia day, and pretty much all December festivities that don't involve gorging on dead animals. I need to get some decorations. We got a tiny little tree from Trader Joe's and I asked my dad to pick me up an advent candleholder while he's in Sweden. I already have two electric ones for the windows (as a Swede, this is required), but actually lighting candles each week is a totally different experience.

I also keep wanting to buy extravagant holiday decorations on One King's Lane, but now is seriously not the time for spending money on things I'll use once a year (especially when you live a tiny apartment with pretty much no storage space).

Anyway, on to the monthly wrap-up. Clearly not as exciting as some people, but I was productive and quite frankly that's the main thing right now.

Things accomplished in November:

-Sent out manuscript 2 to committee for edits
-Finished draft of manuscript 3 (last night just after midnight. Can't tell if I love it or if it's a bloated piece of crap. Hopefully my advisor will like it)
-Got a journal article I'm a coauthor on accepted with minor revisions. Need to review said revisions today. 
-Applied for more faculty jobs
-Ordered new glasses
-Finished one fiction book (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)
-Worked out three times a week most weeks
-Started this blog (!!)
-Survived thanksgiving, went to the animal sanctuary thanksgiving event

Heck yes, December.
Source: Library of Congress

December goals:

-Revise manuscript 2, send out to last two committee members
-Revise manuscript 3, send out to first set of committee members
-Finish lit review/intro chapter and methods section
-Finish draft of discussion section section in light of manuscript revisions
-Keep looking for jobs
-Practice driving more
-Blog at least every other day
-Go to department holiday party
-Finish Christmas shopping
-Read more fiction
-Work out five times a week


  1. Hi dear. Lovely blog :)
    Haha, I need to even work out one day a week!

    1. Thank you!

      hah, I used to not work out ever! But I've been spending like 12 hours a day sitting on my butt and writing and I figured I needed to do something to help counter that!

  2. Your November was so productive!! Good luck on your december goals. :)

    1. Thank you! It's easier to get things done when you have a terrible deadline to face!


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