Sunday, November 11, 2012

Falling into November

It's a million degrees today (well, to be fair it's more like 16C, it just feels like a million indoors when the A/C is turned off) despite it being November. Still, it's decidedly looking like fall outside. 

Fall means three things for me right now. The first is that summer is done, which is always an incredible relief. I enjoy the cool green summers in Sweden, but I've never been able to get used to the terrible humidity that characterizes the East Coast of the US in the summer. This is decidedly a good thing. The second is that Christmas is coming. Also a good thing. I'll take dark nights and mulled wine over sandy beaches any day of the week. The third thing, however, is stressing me out. 

Fall means that I have to be finished with my dissertation in about three months. "Have to" is obviously somewhat subjective, but assuming I want to be able to walk at graduation this spring then it is a fixed deadline that I need to meet. Of course, the smart thing to do when facing a crushing deadline is to start a blog. Right? Right! When it doubt, waste time online. It's never failed me before (bizarrely enough, it really hasn't failed me. Somehow everything always gets gone on time and done well). 

And so here I am with a new blog. All my previous blogs have died a fiery death on account of feeling vaguely uncomfortable oversharing in a public space. This time the goal is to avoid oversharing and to avoid having this turn into a progression of sub-par outfit of the day posts. I'm not an artist. I have no clue how to operate anything beyond a point and shoot camera. I don't even own photoshop. And somehow that has always bothered me in the past. But I realize now, why should I somehow be troubled by the fact that my life choices have put me into a social sciences doctoral program instead of into an MFA? Just because the blogosphere is dominated by tattooed graphic designers (which is fine!) doesn't mean that those are only legitimate voices. 

This blog is to chronicle the non-crafty, non-designer, but still non-traditional lifestyle of a graduate student. Still, this involves making certain concessions. If you are your brand then it makes sense to have a self promoting blog. I am not my brand. Having a lifstyle blog will if anything just make you look less serious to an academic community (note how Academichic is now defunct). So when I blog about fashion and style, it will be probably not feature a picture of me in said fashion. Still, I think this endeavor is worth a try. I think the voices of non-mommy blogger non-design professionals are under-represented right now and I'd like to think I can offer an interesting additional perspective. 


  1. It is true, the blogging community is made up of so so many tattooed designing ladies - myself included! I have a graphic design degree, I just don't represent myself in that way on my blog. And when I'm reading other blogs that are just so visually intimidating, I almost feel as though I don't want to read them to avoid comparing my own blog. So I'm really looking forward to reading your future posts with your sassy perspective!


    1. Thank you! I'm hoping to keep it a mix of light/fun stuff and then some more serious personal posts on school.

      It is hard to not feel intimidated by other bloggers sometimes. As someone with no-design skills at all it's not even a contest (thank you etsy for providing me this fine blog layout!), but I can definitely see how it takes on a whole additional dynamic if you actually do work in design! I know that when I read journal articles by other students in my field I can definitely get some pangs of inadequacy. But I should also say that I really like your blog design!


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