Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall in the City

 I wanted to share some pictures I've taken around the city lately. It's been so beautiful and all the trees are yellow. If I wasn't chained my laptop all day I'd be spending my hours wandering around instead.
I love all the ironwork around here. 

So many gorgeous trees. 

Polkadots forever!

Magenta tights I picked up at H&M forever ago. I need to get new ones at some point!

The grocery store is full of apples. I tried a new kind and unfortunately it was a total letdown. Too sweet and too soft!

And rainbow chard was on sale! Growing up a vegetable hater I only found out about rainbow chard in the past few years and now it's one of my favorites. 


  1. Great Fall photos! I just found your blog via Jellybones...Yours is delightful! I saw you mention Sufjan Stevens and I just had to pop over (he is my absolute favorite!) Did you know he's coming out with a new Christmas album??!! I think it was supposed to come out sometime this week or so...idk how I feel about it though...he has been doing some weird stuff lately lol

    1. It's actually already out! I just realized yesterday that it's up on Spotify already. I didn't make it through the whole thing since it's such a long album, but so far I really like it! It's much more similar to his previous Christmas album than it is to some of his more recent... err... innovative stuff. So far it seems like a nice mix of traditional tunes and newer stuff.

      And thanks! I added your blog to my reader as well!

  2. Vilket fint typsnitt du har i headern! Är den gjord för hand eller går den att ladda ner?

    1. Tack! Headern var handgjord åt mig av en designer, men dom har vad jag tycker är mycket rimliga priser på etsy. Dom har flea olika snygga designs man kan välja på

  3. Alltså, åh höst. Bästa årstiden <3



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